Reform Film Production

The Bassa Film Industry came into being in the late 2004. The first official film to be produced in Grand Bassa County was called, “God’s Are Disappointed”, an African Epic Film. This film brought so much unity amongst going people by that time. Manuel E. Chea, the brain behind the founding of the now Bassa Film Industry was, was the first writer and producer in the county. Since then, many young people have sought their way through the film industry. As the years envolves, our mentality for film making starts and continues to grow. Most film markers began to advance themselves in the industry while new production houses and companies sprang out.

The Reform Film Production is of no doubt one of the envolving production houses in 2022. At this production company, things are done differently through a reformed and refined way. More attention is paid on training and training.

As a film company or production, we have come with change. A change that will effect the ways scripts are written, the will Directors handle sets as well as the way producers and actors see things. Form film has come to look beyond the horizon of just another film industry or production house to presenting films that will teach moral, religion and social lesson. Our production house arm will be open wide in collaborating with directors, producers and production company for the upliftment of the Grand Bassa Film Industry.


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