The Reform Film Production is a registered production house under the Liberia Movie Union. It was founded in March, 2022 in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County. The aim of founding this institution is to promote the God’s given talents of both youth and adults through refined film by training it’s actors and production crew. We seek to uphold the moral status of our nation and the religious world.

Reform Film Production was founded by the following persons:
1.   G-Othello Zordyu as vision bearer
2. Elijah J.T. Lewis
3. Ruth W. Dahn and
4. Deborah N.M. Lewis

As per the record, Reform Film is the first registered production house in Grand Bassa County for 2022. We are also the first institution in Grand Bassa County to register a film director since over 8 years ago making our director the first registered Director in the county up to date. Reform motto is: “From Skill to Act”. Reform also has the first female director and a director of photograph in training in Grand Bassa County in person of Ruth W. Dahn.

Reform Film Production color is Red, White and Blue while our symbol is represented by a “Dove”. The Red stands for the hardship and struggle we endure over the years, the White stands for our openness in heart and mind for the industry and our colleagues while the Blue stands for a new beginning.


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